I've been passionate about visual media and all things digital since I was a child. For the past 15 years I have been creating brands, websites and digital content for companies who require a one-stop-shop solution at a competitive price point that only a independent freelancer can offer. I consider every project a partnership and work very closely with my clients to help them expand their ideas, achive their goals and maximise their return.


I am passionate about brands. I love working with existing brands helping them to achieve consistent focus across all channels. I am also passionate about helping companies to conceive new brands, concepts and communication methodologies. We live in the information age and it’s a fascinating time to be working in this field.


From simple one page scrollers, to bespoke enterprise solutions. No job is too big or too small for me and my network of developers. I work on my own, or I project manage large teams. We are scalable, flexible and can offer you a comprehensive service at well below agency rates.


Social Media Management. I create the right social media plan for your company. I help you strategize, train your staff and implement communications strategies across your chosen channels. I help you build social media networks and engage with people in a consistent, legitimate manner in keeping with your brand’s principal core values.


Content is still king, and creating great content is what I do. Brilliant ideas are key, and these may ultimately find expression through creative disciplines such as copy-writing, video production, music composition, app design, game development and printed media; all of which I can offer you as part of my personal, comprehensive service.

About Me

Midi Multimedia is the trading name of freelance designer Rod Morris.
I have 15 years experience working with digital media companies as a freelance digital designer.

Making great websites for companies, that’s what I do. My skills include Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, Sound Design, Music Composition, Search Engine Optimisation & Internet Marketing. Clear communication through good design is what it’s all about, and I have years of experience working with many of the large creative design agencies such as Ebow, Friday, zamano & Web Factory, as a tutor with The Computer Training Company & FÁS and as a sound designer & composer with all the leading ad agencies and production companies in Dublin including IIBBDO, McCann Blue, Chemistry, Rothco, Boys & Girls to name but a few. I bring this knowledge to bear on every job I work on. I like to think of every project as a partnership. As an independent freelancer I am able to deliver a highly personalised service, a high standard of work and exceptional value for my clients. Many of my clients continue to work with me for years after our initial meet and these relationships are very important to me. I would be delighted to discuss your next project with you, so give me a call (it doesn’t cost anything) and let’s talk !deas.


My name is Rod, and I'm a freelance digital designer with years of experience in multimedia working with brands creating websites. My extensive skill set includes, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Wordpress, Photography, Videography, Sound Design, Graphic Design & Layout, Music Composition, Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing. Call me now to discuss your next project on 0871251385 / +353871251385.
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